Why Do My Teachers Give me So Much Homework?

Why must teachers assign so much work outside of the class? This post comes to you from a student taking a *break* from her homework.

(…After an obligatory 1/2 hour of Youtube, snacks, Buzzfeed, and irrelevant google searches…)

I understand that a teacher’s ultimate goal is to, well, teach you the skills and content needed for your adult life. Homework is important, and helps ingrain information learned during lessons. However, there comes a point when helpful reinforcement of a content transitions into entirely unnecessary busy work.

For instance, here is what I have to complete today, in no particular order:


  • Study for a quiz on Linear Regression
  • Complete the homework sheet “Predictions and Line of Least Squared Residuals”


  • Study for a quiz on “Acceleration, Motion Graphs, Using graphs to write functions of motion”
  • Complete the homework sheet “Verbal Interpretations of Motion Graphs”

World History:

  • Study for a quiz on the Reformation (sensing a pattern?)
  • Write the introduction section of my thesis paper on Oliver Cromwell


  • Record myself reading Chinese text


  • Read Chapters 20-26 of The Catcher in the Rye
  • Analyze 4 quotes from the assigned reading in 4 analytical paragraphs (thankfully I have a few days to finish this one)
  • Study vocab words from Unit 9 in preparation for a (can you guess??) quiz!

I feel like around 25%-50% of this work is busy work and therefore not imperative aspect in my understanding of the world. However, finishing homework is imperative to my future academic success (do you see how the two aren’t the same thing?) so, despite all of my complaints, I have to get it done.

For the rest of you all, who are students, how do you deal with your homework load? How do you guys motivate yourselves to get your work done?



4 thoughts on “Why Do My Teachers Give me So Much Homework?

  1. thecleverowl says:

    Hey penandfreethought! That sums up my day entirely – too much work and not enough time. I look forward to events in the week and think, “if I get work done now, I can…” I think that’s the best approach to have. Good luck xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Natalie Vinh says:

    My homework load is actually kinda insane because I do some independent study and therefore have to do ALL my schoolwork as homework. Honestly, I don’t deal with it…
    I just don’t do it. Oops!

    Liked by 1 person

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