Hamilton Poem: Twisted Mirror

An alternative title: “How I turned an English assignment into indulging my inner fangirl.”

Here is my poem, “Twisted Mirror,” from the perspective of Angelica Schuyler Church from the Broadway Musical Hamilton.


I would like you to know:


You are the first man I’ve met

That’s witty and perceptive, who

Can match me word-for-word, idea-to-idea


And when I see you,

Ambitious, dissatisfied with life’s givens,

Standards, and traditions.


I see myself.


I see the hidden, overlapping feelings,

Your frustration with common ignorance

Revulsion at the status quo


I sense your burning ambition, your

Desire for change.


I know you, because I know me.


But unlike me

You are given the lucky opportunity to

Indulge these feelings.


I never will

Never can I escape the legacy of my father

The prestige of my husband, of my brothers

My revolutionary zeal is stifled, shackled

By my wealth, class, gender

My “priviledge”


So, as much as I know

That we were meant to be,

I will stay away,

I must stay away




You ambitious, reckless

Twisted mirror of myself

Are a reminder

Of what I could

But cannot, become.

This is just a draft, what do you think? Are any readers fellow Hamilton-lovers? Please let me know in the comments! xx PAFT


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