But I Don’t Want to Wait!

via Daily Prompt: Heal

In all honesty, healing from anything is rough.

Physical and Metal pain takes a long time to recover from, and it’s often a frustrating, discouraging process.

So, in my contribution to the Daily Post’s discussion, I would like to highlight a theme that is so often looked over: patience.

Recently, I had a bad cold (and yes, I’m aware that this complaint is certainly a “first world problem), which took me out of school for several days. In addition to missing my lessons, I couldn’t attend Crew practices or do anything mentally* or physically demanding. Unfortunately, that was a bit of a problem for me, because I thrive on constant, challenging work. Holed up in my house, I began to think about everything I was missing: all of the workouts, the homework, the lessons I would have to make up.


I strongly recall the urge to erg, go on a run, do some sit-ups, anything to get back into the daily routine so abruptly interrupted by a few unwelcome bacteria.** I began to work out a few times, but it was immediately clear that I couldn’t: it was difficult to breathe.

Over time, I realized that I would have to wait for my body to get fully better in order for me to return to my regular life. I would have to wait, and give myself the full time for recovery. I would have to use patience, that sense of personal restraint that I have far too little of.

And, after a lot of waiting, I went to practice and felt a lot better. I certainly wasn’t at 100%, but not the coughing-all-over-the-erg mess that I would have been a few days ago.

I had two takeaways from that experience: a) never get sick again b) healing takes time, don’t push yourself before you’re ready.

Please, dear readers, do not forget to give you or others proper time to recover from anything physically, or mentally taxing. That sentiment extends far beyond students-athletes and their first-world complaining. 🙂

Now it’s my turn to ask you all: what have you had to recover from? What was that like? And what is your advice for getting through the process?


*Alright so technically I suppose I could have worked on some busy work for school, but neither had the effort or motivation.

**Not sure how to describe this accurately in any medical sense, despite the fact that one of my family members is a pediatrician.


12 thoughts on “But I Don’t Want to Wait!

  1. updownflight says:

    It took me about 40 years to finally learn patience. I had to go through a crises before I learned it, and learned how important careful and patient recovery is.

    I liked your post too. I’m glad you really put the emphasis on patience.

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  2. griefpoetry says:

    Its so true, healing takes patience, you cannot hurry it up. For me its grieving the loss of my stillborn baby. Its been a few months which feels like forever. I know its a process albeit a very painful one. All I can hope is that I grow stonger everyday as I maneouver around my grieving process. Great post, it really gives healing a new angle that might be overlooked.


  3. K E Garland says:

    Interesting. I’m working on patience this entire year. I’m learning how to wait in line, or be stuck in traffic without flipping my lid. I was also sick with allergies a few weeks ago, and like you couldn’t work out or do much work of any kind. I had to be patient. Thanks for this reminder.

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  4. mariewilliams53 says:

    I love the typo ‘metal’ pain. It took me a while before I realised you meant ‘mental’ and I was wondering if you meant being hit by a metal object, in which case it would take some time to get over that pain. That aside, I totally agree with being patient with oneself – it isn’t always easy to do, but it is worth it in the end.


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