Abandon (A Poem in the Works)


As I stand,

Cool air settles around me.

The muffled sounds of laughter

Discordant echoes in the depth of the night

Are drowned out

By my pounding heart, racing mind

Stuck halfway between

One choice

And another


A part of me knows

that it’s disrespect,



This I’m aware

But there is also another me

The me

That doesn’t want to play by the rules,

Or assent to another’s domain


It is that me, which

Pushed me, led me

To where I am now


With the crazy kids.

Climbing on a playground

They’re shouting, running

A vociferous interruption

Of a quiet night


I nearly join them



A renegade reservation

Still holds me back

From their compelling,






I am torn

Between a rebellious adolescence,


The safety net of a naive childhood


In this, I am not alone


Another stands beside me



His eyes reflect

The haunted, lost

Faces of our peers


His breath curls

White, like smoke

Into the air


His hands

Stuffed in his pocket

As if searching

For something he knows he will not find


I sense his discomfort,

Another tentative mind

And I know

In two worlds,

We are outsiders to both.


And I know

that he is wondering the same things I am

That he is

Also confused,


in the crazy world of

Growing Up.

What do you guys think? Any revision recommendations?

xoxo PenandFreeThought


7 thoughts on “Abandon (A Poem in the Works)

  1. mariewilliams53 says:

    Thank you for the follow and it’s a pleasure to meet you and have this connection. I would not change anything about your poem – it’s authentic and I’m sure we all have these thoughts about finding our place in the world. Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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